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Branding Collateral

There is nothing visual that the Hot Ink Media creative team cannot design.


From Business cards to Brochures to Billboards, we will create a unique look in accordance to your brand and standards as well as manage and guide you through the printing process.


We are well versed with branding collateral designs as our portfolio would show.



Our expert photographers have had years of experience in artistic, commercial and event photography.


Whether it’s a message you’re trying to sell through one visually stunning image or a catalogue you’re building. We will take on your project with the best possible perspective.


Hot Ink Media has done more portraits and hotel photography than any other creative company in The Gambia.


Communication Strategy

No client is the same. To every campaign Hot Ink Media undertakes, the target audience must first be recognized and researched so as to create the perfect concept to capture your target market.


Whether you're a large corporation or a small business you will receive the same high level of expertise and commitment. From the design and production of a brochure to a complete re-branding; the Hot Ink Media creative team are ready to support your project.


Audio Production

From creating that catchy jingle to attract your target audience, to finding that amazing voiceover talent for your documentary, recording, mixing and mastering, we have a vast network of sound studios and sound designers with the expertise to provide quality voice recordings, whether it’s for TV, radio or any other audio orientated platform.


Branding & Identity

With well thought out branding ideas, we aim to  maintain a strategic brand that will meet the needs of your institution, show strength, create top of mind awareness and meet your target audience needs.




Hot Ink Media has a wide portfolio in regards to TV commercials, mini documentaries as well as corporate videos.


Our team of videographers are diverse in all aspects ranging from TV commercials and music videos, to mini documentaries and short films. We will take the same professional approach towards your project, to ensure quality and effectiveness to suit your demographic.


Notable video projects that we have worked on include; GIEPA’s “Invest In The Gambia” promotional video and  The EU’s GCCA Climate Change Documentary as well as a slew of other corporate brands here in The Gambia.

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