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Since its creation, Hot Ink Media has raised professional standards in corporate branding and marketing campaigns. Our clients include tellecommunications and wireless serivice providers, financial institutions, real estate companies, government and parastatals  along with a range of other entities, as our portfolio would show.


Due to the size of the company and vast network of complimentary media production houses, Hot Ink Media stands as a solid source for getting the right professionals in all media areas to get the job done based on the nature of each campaign it undertakes. This together with experience gives us the ability to guide clients in the right direction, saving them the time with maximum effectiveness on any budget.


We provide effective creative solutions for press, print, TV, radio, web, brand identity, marketing solutions and product design.


Our dedicated team includes strategic account planners, advertising, design and digital artists with experience across diverse media sectors. Our Studio has the latest technology, operating with cutting edge design software and has the ability to deliver you the end product in a timely manner.

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